!!!   Package Bees on sale now for the Lehigh Valley    !!!

Bill Mondjack and I will be delivering 3 lb packages of Italian honey bees to the Lehigh Valley for delivery on April 10/11, 2015.  We'll be taking orders starting immediately until our allotment is fully sold so it's first-come, first-served.  The order form can be found at this link.  Give me a call if you have any questions.


Meadow View Beekeeping will also be delivering 3 lb. packages of Italian Honey Bees to the Bethel, PA area with tentative deliveries on March 28 and April 24.  See the order form here.    


Meadow View Beekeeping, LLC.

       Beekeeping Supplies, Products, and Services
Steve Finke
25 Dunkels Church Rd.
Kutztown, PA  19530
Phone: (610) 737-7676
  •  Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Honey and Beeswax
    • Liquid honey in glass or PET bottles
    • Inverted (no-mess) 1-lb. PET bottles.
    • Comb honey 
    • Creamed Honey 

  • Live Honey Bees
    • Italian Queens (locally-raised survivor stock)
    • Package bees (available in April)
    • Nucs (4-frame)
    • Full hives (availability may be limited)
  •  Hive hardware
    • Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Local Dealer
    • Woodenware
    • Frames and foundation
    • Feeders
  • Other beekeeping supplies
    • Clothing
    • Hive tools
    • Smokers
    • Other equipment

  • Hand-made honey and beeswax soaps, lip balms, and hand lotions.
    • All hand-made
    • Won't dry out your skin like commercial soaps
    • Great reviews on lip balms!


  •  Bulk beeswax and pure beeswax candles