!!!   Queens Available for the Lehigh Valley and Bethel, PA areas    !!!

We have queens available!  Give us a call at 610-737-7676. 


Meadow View Beekeeping, LLC.

       Beekeeping Supplies, Products, and Services
Steve Finke
25 Dunkels Church Rd.
Kutztown, PA  19530
Phone: (610) 737-7676
  •  Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Honey and Beeswax
    • Liquid honey in glass or PET bottles
    • Inverted (no-mess) 1-lb. PET bottles.
    • Comb honey 
    • Creamed Honey 

  • Live Honey Bees
    • Italian Queens (locally-raised survivor stock)
    • Package bees (available in April)
    • Nucs (4-frame)
    • Full hives (availability may be limited)
  •  Hive hardware
    • Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Local Dealer
    • Woodenware
    • Frames and foundation
    • Feeders
  • Other beekeeping supplies
    • Clothing
    • Hive tools
    • Smokers
    • Other equipment

  • Hand-made honey and beeswax soaps, lip balms, and hand lotions.
    • All hand-made
    • Won't dry out your skin like commercial soaps
    • Great reviews on lip balms!


  •  Bulk beeswax and pure beeswax candles