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Keeney Apiary


Meadow View Beekeeping acquired Keeney & Ziegler Apiaries in May, 2015.  Keeney & Ziegler's Apiaries was a well-established, family run apiary located in Bethel, PA since 1903.  


The 4.5 acre facility comprises a honey processing/bottling facility, a warehouse, and a queen-rearing nuc yard.  It is located at 9351 Old Rt. 22, Bethel, PA 19507


Honey Processing:

The facility has capabilities for processing barrels of honey.  We use a heated chamber to gently warm up the barrels to fully liquify the honey before filtering and bottling.  We take care not to overheat the honey during the processing.


In addition, we have an automated uncapping system and two large extractors that can extract honey quickly from a large number of full honey supers right from the bee yard.  The honey flows through a "clarifier" into a holding tank.  This process keeps all the local pollens and other goodies in the honey.


Gamber Container Distributor

The Keeney Apiary has also been a distributor for Gamber Container, Inc. products including glass, PET, and LDPE honey jars and bottles, mayo jars of various sizes, and other specialty jars and bottles including wine bottles.  We carry a large supply of containers and sell them retail to customers looking for a few cases as well as wholesale in pallet quantities.

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